RHIANNA NOLAN, Psychologist

Rhianna is a Registered Psychologist experienced in both assessment and intervention for a wide variety of psychological presentations.  She has worked with children, adolescents, adults, couples and families across a range of settings including community mental health, private sector, government and university health organisations.

Rhianna holds a Bachelor of Psychology with Honours and has undertaken six years of study and supervised practice. Rhianna has a passion for conducting thorough psychological assessments aimed at exploring and identifying learning difficulties and attentional concerns for children, adolescents and adults to assist in obtaining supports required in vocational and educational settings.

Rhianna works from a strength-based and person-centred approach, aiming to empower clients of all ages to improve their wellbeing, emotional resilience and confidence. She utilises evidence-based therapeutic approaches drawing upon acceptance and commitment therapy, interpersonal therapy, attachment-based interventions and psychodynamic theories. Rhianna’s therapeutic areas of interest include anxiety disorders, perfectionism, stress and burnout, post-natal depression and anxiety, grief and loss (particularly miscarriages and deaths within family units), social and emotional wellbeing in children and adolescents, mood disorders and interpersonal relationships. She also enjoys working collaboratively with new parents to navigate the complexities of parenting and the changes to their identity during this time.


Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)


Registered with Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency
Medicare provider through Better Access to Mental Health Care initiative
Working with Children Check


Australian Psychological Society (APS)

Areas of Interest:

Individual and family therapy for children, adolescents and adults:

  • Post-natal depression and anxiety
  • Anxiety disorders
  • Child and adolescent socio-emotional difficulties
  • Couple relationship conflicts
  • Grief and loss including miscarriage
  • Mood disorders

Diagnostic assessments for children, adolescents and university students:

  • Specific Learning Disorders (SLD), including dyslexia, dysgraphia and dyscalculia
  • Intellectual disability
  • Intellectual giftedness
  • Attention Deficit-Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD)

Career Experience:

  • Diagnostic assessment for learning and attentional disorders with children, adolescents and adults at a private sector company.
  • Individual therapy for children, parents, adolescents and adults.
  • Therapy offered through employee assistance programs to assist adults experiencing barriers to work along with anxiety, stress, depression or substance-use difficulties.
  • Provision of evidence based socio-emotional and behavioural management strategies to support children and adolescents presenting with multifaceted emotional, learning and behavioural needs.


Rhianna welcomes referrals from individual families, medical specialists, health professionals, and educators.

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