Couple Counselling

Relationship difficulties can arise between couples across different stages of life:

  • Recently married couples may struggle to define roles.
  • Couples undergoing fertility treatments may feel despair and regret.
  • New parents may grapple with adjusting to the needs of a baby.
  • Working couples with young children may strive for balance.
  • Couples with teenage children may fight for control.
  • Separated couples and blended families may dream of consistency across two homes.
  • Couples with adult children may experience a sense of loss.
  • Older couples may seek to reconnect once children have left home.

In these situations, couples will often describe being flooded by negative emotions and seeming trapped in constricting interactions. It’s difficult to know where to look for help. It’s even harder to find someone to trust with very private issues.

At Early Start Australia | WA | West Leederville, our work is guided by the latest scientific research evidence. This research shows us what is most effective when working with couples to create change. During couple counselling, you won’t be coached or lectured in communication and negotiation skills. What you will experiment with during the counselling sessions is a new way of being together as a couple.

When working together, our goal is to create a renewed sense of emotional interconnectedness within the couple relationship. Our focus is on emotionally charged situations in the safety of the counselling sessions. This focus allows couples to reflect upon current interactional patterns and experience new emotional responses together. Whilst couples often find the process challenging, it’s also incredibly rewarding to create a satisfying relationship where both partners feel secure and connected.

Please phone (08) 9388 9960 to enquire about counselling to enhance your couple relationship.

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